Followup:  Ta-dahhh!


  A parked motorbike shows relative scale of the new Lexington Avenue Life Column, which was installed on N. Lexington Ave. September 6 (see “Nature, Culture, and Asheville-nomics,” below).   The 10-foot brushed steel column was designed by New York-based artist Beatrice Coron,  fabricated in Pennsylvania, and commissioned by the City of Asheville at a cost of $40,000.  A city press release put the location of the artwork as “65 1/2 North Lexington.” No such actual address exists; the approximate location would be the shrub in the background, at the juncture of  Shady Grove Flowers (#65) and Downtown Books & News (#67).  In fact, the installation is about 20 feet south of that spot, which, if anything, would seem to make it 63 1/2, but whatever, it’s up.  The city has not responded to numerous comments that $40,000 spent on a work by an out-of-town artist is an affront to Asheville’s own art community and, for that matter, could have been better spent on infrastructure repair or aid to the homeless.  

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