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“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” — Ferris Bueller




Enquiring Minds doesn’t do breaking news.  We’re an e-zine, not a tabloid.  We’re who you turn to, after the smoke has cleared and the dust has settled, for in-depth reporting of what happened, and how, and why.  We look at new developments in ongoing situations, at trends that are building, at facts that come to light and make old, half-forgotten stories suddenly new and relevant.  Above all, the things we cover are those that involve or directly affect local people.

Here’s a look at some of what we covered in 2018, and how we covered it:



And here’s some of what’s coming up in Enquiring Minds:


Influence Pedalling

Photo by Marc Hunt

The story of how, in a dozen years, Asheville on Bikes has grown from a handful of bicycling enthusiasts to an agenda-driven organization with hundreds of members and enough political clout to dictate city traffic policy by means of a process called “tactical urbanism.”


Whatever happened to the bonds?

In November of 2016 Ashevillians overwhelmingly approved the issuing of a total of $74 million worth of general obligation bonds to enhance the city’s transportation/infrastructure, public housing, and parks/recreation programs.  The bond package — the biggest in the city’s history — survived a court challenge, thus paving the way for the bonds to be offered for sale.  Then, crickets.  To date not a penny’s worth of bonds has been sold, so what’s happened to them and to the projects they are supposed to pay for?  Stay tuned.


Did Kitty die in vain?

Photo courtesy of the Naster family

In late October the mutilated corpse of Kitty, the beloved pet of a West Asheville family, was found in an alley off Haywood Road after three drifters, suspected of killing cats in other cities, posted Instagram photos of themselves in the process of torturing the animal.  Enquiring Minds’ story of the murder garnered nearly 7,000 views and sparked a torrent of outrage and revulsion.  Two suspects were jailed but then freed on unsecured bond, while the third  was never arrested despite being frequently sighted in the area.  The trio moved on undisturbed — they were last spotted in Atlanta — but the handling of the case has raised pointed questions about police procedure, bond granting, and the functioning of the District Attorney’s office.  We’ll be looking at the questions and waiting for answers.


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